Write A Short Screenplay


The course will cover:

  • Week One: Introduction and Ideation
  • Week Two: Structure and Formatting
  • Week Three: Theme and Genre Week
  • Week Four: Log Line/Premise
  • Week Five: Structure
  • Week Six: Character
  • Week Seven: Dialogue
  • Week Eight: Getting Your Script Out There

Next Course Begins Tuesday 10th January, 2023.

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Write a Short Screenplay.

Would you like to write your own short film? Join our award-winning screenwriters as they guide you through this 8-week course to develop your very own short screenplay, ready for film festivals and beyond.

If you have any questions, they may be answered on our FAQ Page or just get in touch if you can’t find your answer there?

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“ I feel as though I stumbled into the HWC after attending their excellent Scratch Night with a friend. I was attracted to the quality of the writing and the friendliness of its members. Now a veteran of three regular meetings, I am happy to report that this is an inclusive, nurturing group that provides the space to pursue my own writing and the feedback that I need to improve."

"Welcoming, creative, enthusiastic, free! It’s a great environment for writers."

"Be brave. A welcoming ,encouraging group that is much more than you might expect!"


"Very enjoyable! Great to meet like-minded people. It is building my confidence."


"Vital, creative culture and community for Harrogate. A breath of fresh air."


"HWC is a meeting for different minds, talents and thoughts and provides a platform for aspiring writers + poets."

"Wonderful to come together to share in creativity and see each other develop as writers. Building a wonderful network in Harrogate."

"Really supportive group. Easy environment to write and share work. Come and join us!"

"Valuable community of writers and creatives. A brilliant space for like-minded people in a chatty, informal format."


"This is an encouraging and confidence building group. It’s helped me by being a safe space where I can share my work. Feedback and positive criticism have helped me to grow as a writer. Hearing the work of others has helped to generate new idea. It’s a great place here we can all support one another, whatever we are writing and for whatever reasons."

"Each week is slightly different, depending on how many people want to read and share their work for feedback. The comments are always constructive and sensitively suggested. This is a very nurturing group and you are never pressured to read out. You can simply come and listen if that’s what you want to do. All levels attend from published authors and professional writers to those just dipping their toe in the writing water."


"I love how this group just goes with the flow. You can turn up and just work away quietly or read and share and provide feedback. Sometimes Matt is painting at the back, and sometimes we end up just talking about art, creativity, writing and all sorts of things. There’s no hierarchy, just writers and creative helping each other."