Write Your Own Short Film- Starts Tuesday January 16th, 2024


Ever wanted to write your own short film? This zoom course will show you exactly how to achieve it. In eight weeks, you’ll finish the course with an industry standard short film ready to take to the next step.

Learn everything from choosing developing your idea, to structuring your script, character development, dialogue, pacing, them, tone, and much more.

Next course starts Tuesday 16th January @7pm Book now to secure your place.


Week 1: Structuring Your Film Idea

Week 2: Developing a Premise/Log-line

Week 3:  Formatting Your Screenplay

Week 4.  Theme and Genre

Week 5: Creating Character

Week 6: Writing Dialogue

Week 7: World-Building, Pace and Tension

Week 8: Getting Your Script Into The World

Session Dates

Tue 16th January 7pm – Week 1

Tue 23rd January, 7pm –  Week 2 
Tue 30th January 7pm- Week 3 
Tue 6th February 7pm- Week 4
Tue 13th February 7pm -Week 5
Tue 20th February 7pm Pilot Week 6
Tue 27th February 7pm- Week 7
Tue 5th March 7pm -Week 8