Write Your Own TV Pilot- Starts September 6, 2023


Ever wanted to write your own TV pilot? This zoom course will show you exactly how to achieve it , over eight sessions, run fortnightly.

Learn everything from choosing the type of pilot, to structuring, character development, dialogue, pacing, them, tone, and much more.

Next course starts Wednesday 6th September @7pm Book now to secure your place.


Week 1: Choosing Your TV Pilot

Week 2: Structuring Your TV Pilot

Week 3: Creating Worlds That Engage

Week 4: Creating  Characters The Connect

Week 5: Writing Dialogue The Works

Week 6: Theme, Tone, Pace & Tension

Week 7: From Pilot To Series

Week 8: Getting Your Pilot Into The World

Session Dates

Wed 6th Sep, 7pm  -Pilot Week 1

Wed 20th, 7pm – Pilot Week 2 
Wed Oct 4th 7pm- Pilot week 3 
Wed Oct 18th 7pm- Pilot Week 4
Wed 1st Nov 7pm -Pilot Week 5
Wed 15th Nov 7pm Pilot Week 6
Wed 29th Nov 7pm- Pilot Week 7
Wed 13th Dec 7pm -Pilot Week 8